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Dr Andrew Katelaris

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Introducing Dr Andrew Katelaris

Since 1990 I have been experimenting with the medical uses of cannabis. Initially, THC cannabis was used to assist in the management of chronic pain and spasticity. The results were very encouraging and we were able, in most cases, to improve pain control whilst reducing the need for narcotics.

In 2013 we obtained CBD dominant cannabis seeds from colleagues in Spain and began experimenting with this to control the seizures of children afflicted with intractable epilepsy. Intractable epilepsy is, by definition, any seizure disorder that cannot be controlled by current medication. Many thousands of Australian children and their families are currently affected and this condition costs the country hundreds of millions of dollars annually, with frequent ambulance call outs, hospital admissions, often with prolonged periods in intensive care and a huge bill for pharmaceutical drugs and tests, most of which show little benefit.

For the past 3 yrs I have been supplying CBD dominant cannabis to over 50 children with serious seizure disorders. With this safe and effective herbal medicine we have seen a dramatic reduction in the frequency and intensity of the seizures and in addition, most of the children have shown a noticeable improvement in their social, intellectual and motor functioning. Whilst various governments have talked about trialling medical cannabis this has not progressed at the rate required by the seriousness of the situation. Epilepsy is currently the major cause of preventable brain damage.

We have a dedicated team working tirelessly to support those that need us most. Our intention is to see affordable access to Cannabis as a food source for all Australians.

Dr Andrew Katelaris

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